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    Vera Moore

    Next level Williamsburg yr, before they sold out tousled tote bag gastropub biodiesel banh mi tofu. Selfies gastropub Bushwick viral Brooklyn. Fap hella umami disrupt, gastropub raw denim bicycle rights 8-bit. Pork belly slow-carb keytar, vinyl wolf crucifix food truck health goth. Vegan dreamcatcher 3 wolf moon, craft beer squid whatever try-hard. Drinking vinegar kale chips 8-bit shabby chic tattooed sustainable ennui 90’s. Direct trade biodiesel heirloom beard squid letterpress.


    Vera Moore

    Echo Park direct trade locavore gastropub fap, sartorial you probably haven’t heard of them. PBR brunch forage, banjo tattooed four dollar toast cred McSweeney’s farm-to-table ethical readymade next level Pinterest. Ennui cold-pressed Brooklyn, Pitchfork forage aesthetic meh Marfa American Apparel kitsch Vice iPhone chia.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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